Responsibilities of the President's office

Duties of the President of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention

Revised September 2009

A. Prior to assuming office at the annual meeting

    1. Bring list of proposed candidates for the Nominations and Elections Committee to Council 1 for "advice and consent". Once this is obtained, contact candidates who are attending, appoint one as chair, and charge them with beginning to select slates of officers for those positions that are open. This will allow committee to seek advice and counsel of other members attending the annual meeting. Also, present chair with a written charge and a time table (details from constitution/bylaws and executive director).
    2. Prepare agenda for Council II, and submit to secretary for inclusion with the Council materials.
    3. Solicit input from society members and/or Selection Committee if one is formed concerning selection of members for various committee assignments.

B. After assuming office

    1. Thank individuals who helped organize the program for the meeting just ended.
    2. Thank all symposia and keynote speakers.
    3. Make appointments to all standing committees having vacancies.
    4. Review all ad hoc committees, determine whether each should continue, appoint new members to specific ad hoc committees as appropriate.
    5. Establish new ad hoc committees to pursue specific objectives. Make sure each committee has a specific, written charge along with timelines.
    6. Solicit corporate membership renewals in late summer/early fall; send personal thank you note to all contributors.
    7. Select the Warkany lecturer, in consultation with Council, as soon as possible.
    8. In conjunction with Vice-President/Program Chair, solicit funding from NICHD/NIEHS/MOD.
    9. In conjunction with the Vice-President/Program Chair, facilitate the coordination of the annual meeting with NBTS, OTIS and others.
    10. In preparation for the annual meeting:
      1. decide early on what kind, if any, entertainment you want for the banquet -make list of individuals who have worked hard during the year; reward with room upgrades and/or welcome baskets.
      2. invite past presidents to Past President's lunch (early May).
      3. invite Sustaining members to Past President/Honorees luncheon.
      4. Member reception (early May); may want to invite any officers from Australian, European, and Japanese Teratology Societies as well as IFTS attending our meeting; also any distinguished quests (e.g., Warkany Lecturer, March of Dimes representative).
    11. Write President's messages for the newsletter.
    12. Coordinate activities of the Executive Director.
    13. Write to non-renewing members asking why they have not renewed.
    14. Consider outreach to other professional societies to facilitate recruitment of new member.

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