About the Society


To understand the cause and pathogenesis of disorders of developmental and reproductive origin to prevent their occurrence and improve outcomes through research, collaboration, communication, and education.


Healthy pregnancies. Healthy babies. Better lives.


The Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention is a multidisciplinary scientific society founded in 1960 as the Teratology Society. Society members study the causes and biological processes leading to abnormal development and birth defects at the fundamental and clinical level, and appropriate measures for prevention. The Society has taken positions on several topics and provides an annual meeting where attendees gain insight about important issues in birth defects research and education.

Detailed History of the Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention

Who Are Our Members?

The Society for Birth Defects Research and Prevention is composed of a multidisciplinary group of scientists from a variety of disciplines including researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists, and public health professionals from academia, government, and industry who study birth defects, reproduction, and disorders of developmental origin.

What Is Our Focus?

Birth defects and reproductive and developmentally-mediated disorders constitute a major public health concern in the world today. Human reproduction and development can be affected not only by drugs and chemicals, but also by diet, genetics, maternal health, and socioeconomic factors. Understanding and protecting against potential hazards to developing embryos, fetuses, and children requires advanced scientific knowledge from diverse and novel fields such as cell and molecular biology, developmental biology and toxicology, computational modeling, genetics and epidemiology. The science is put into practice in the areas of prenatal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, neonatology, medical genetics, counseling, product safety, risk assessment, and governmental regulations.

Excellence in Publishing

The journal Birth Defects Research publishes original research and reviews in areas related to the etiology of adverse developmental and reproductive outcome. In particular the journal is devoted to the publication of original scientific research that contributes to the understanding of the biology of embryonic development and the prenatal causative factors and mechanisms leading to adverse pregnancy outcomes, namely structural and functional birth defects, pregnancy loss, postnatal functional defects in the human population, and to the identification of prenatal factors and biological mechanisms that reduce these risks. Birth Defects Research is published twenty times per year.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Society values the principles of diversity, inclusivity, and equity, and embraces all aspects of these principles within its leadership, committees, and membership. We encourage diversity and inclusivity in scientific learning and practice based on, but not limited to, age, physical ability, ethnicity, geography, language, religion, sex, gender identity and expression, socio-economic status, segment of the scientific community, and any other visible or non-visible differences with equitable treatment of all.

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